ARNT'2021 Tunsia
First Conference on Automation and Robotic Network Tunisia

The DAAD funded project “Automation Robotics Network Tunisia” (ARNT) aims at establishing an intra-Tunisian network initially based on the trainees and trainers of the ALEJE project. ARNT'2021 will be held from 29 to 31 october 2021 in sousse town

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    The focus of the conference lies on automation & robotics (technical skills) and project-based learning (didactic meth-od), thus addressing the transfer of both technical and soft skills to students. The conference addresses staff from all Tunisian ISETs teaching in the fields of automation & robotics. The conference will be held with supervision by the DGET.



    Didatctic methods

    Proposed didactic methods are evaluated according to the following criteria: novelty/innovation, applicability and sustainability.


    Automation training for trainers have been treated and proposed by Pr. Valentin PLENK during the ALEJE (Appui à l’Employabilité des Jeunes Étudiants) Project to ISETs partners and ISSAT Mateur.


    Robotic subject have been treated by Pr. Mnfred BEHAM during the ALEJE project to ISETs partners and ISSAT Mateur.

      Listeners Inscription in ARNT'2021

      Welcome to the first ARNT edition in SOUSSE town

        Listeners Inscription in ARNT'2021



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